Aug 12 2008

10 Real 5-Minute Recipes

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Crunched for time? A 5-minute recipe is a Godsend. Trouble is, lots of “5-minute Recipes” aren’t. Instead they are “5-minute prep time and 30 minute cook time recipes” or “30-minute prep time and 5-minute cook time recipes”, or 5 minute prep time and overnight in the refrigerator recipes”.

So I decided to take up the challenge of finding REAL 5-minute recipes: Recipes that are ready to eat in five minutes or less. Enjoy!

1. Chocolate Cake in 5 Minutes|

Okay, it does look kind of funky, but heck, it is chocolate cake. In a cup. In 5 minutes. What more do you want?

2. Five Minute Tomato Sauce Recipe|

101 Cookbooks is an amazing blog, and this quick tomato sauce looks quite yummy!

3. 5-Minute Salsa Recipe|

Unexpected guests? No problem…everyone likes salsa, the fresher, the better.

4. 5-Minute Quesadilla|

Now this is bachelor/college student cooking at its finest!

5. Five Minute Bean and Vegetable Saute|

Looks uber-healthy to me!

6. 5-Minute Strawberry Ice Cream|

Super-quick, super-clever recipe which is perfect for hot summer days!

7. Wisconsin’s Five Minute Two Cheese Sauce|

Great cheese combinations suggested here, or get creative with your own favourites.

8. Five-Minute, Five-Cup Salad|

Eat this and wait for the sugar shock!

9. 5-Minute Crab Dip|

Mmmm. Crab dip…quick crab dip!

10. 5-Minute BLT Salad|

Requires pre-cooked chicken breasts, which can be easily found at most grocery stores.

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