Dec 13 2008

Eating Global Vancouver – Jang Mo Jib Korean Restaurant

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The second of the Eating Global Vancouver student film series, this film concentrates on the Moon family and their Korean restaurant chain, Jang Mo Jib. Through interviews with the father and daughter, we see different generations of a family-run business, and get rare behind the scenes interviews at the factory where kimchi, BBQ beef, and bone soup is prepared for the restaurants. Featuring a blend of authentic Korean dishes appealing to a variety of Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and non-Asian customers, Jang Mo Jib reveals the challenge of family restaurants in Vancouver.
This film series grew out of one of our most popular classroom projects, in which students form groups and choose to research one of the myriad of restaurants that make Vancouver such a wonderful city for eating. Creating websites that feature interviews with the families (almost invariably global migrants to Vancouver) who run the restaurant, as well as in depth explorations of the restaurants themselves as sites of community interaction, our students combine ethnography with historical research in the Vancouver archives to create a rich portrait of each restaurant as a microcosm of Global Vancouver. Revealing the history of the restaurant’s location through Vancouver history and the changing demographics of its neighborhood, these research projects lead us to see in a new light the restaurants at which we eat.
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