Dec 18 2008

Flushing NY 11354 Northern Blvd & Main Street

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Flushing NY 11354
A short view of Northern Blvd from Main Street just up to Union Street.
We start with the infamous Kennedy fried chicken, passing by the old Quaker meeting house (0:18) that dates back to the late 1600’s or early 1700’s as we enter Korean territory. We see the Queens School of Music, next to the Arirang Kal Gook Soo (0:29~), the yellow awning, which serves hand- made noodles. Try the kimchee there, is quite old style.
The restaurant that follows goes now by the name of Yagan Hak Kyo, but in its past incarnations was Dae Jang Gum (based on the popular drama), Pocha Pocha, and way before that it used to be Cho Sun Ok (Pearl of Chosun), a buffet run, I believe, by ethnic Koreans from China (Cho Sun Jok). The vertical sign reads: “Friend, I want to see you”.
Next, the Taiwan center, that had its façade remodeled a few years ago.
The castle-like structure (1:17) is the Queens Task Force North, although the building was built much before, around 1908-10, if I remember well, and served as Army barracks.
I don’t remember the name of the Korean church that comes right after.
As the video ends, we catch a glimpse of the timeless Cyber Land. Inside there is a wall painting depicting the characters of the game Counter Strike. The place used to be a night club, many years ago.
This was shot on Tuesday, November 27, 2007.
Good luck to you all and thanks for watching.

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