Dec 20 2008

Hotel Manisses.Block Island,Rhode Island:Travel Video Review

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The hotel Hotel Manisses and sister property, the 1661 Inn managed by Rita and Steve Draper are lovingly preserved historic places with antiques and early American paintings.
But….There are also pet camels to nuzzle and shy kangaroos to talk to, and a Highland bull that grazes garden. While it may seem the animals don’t fit with the period furnishings, fine dining and elegant setting, they do
From the 1661 inn the views of the rolling hills and the vast ocean are as memorable as the champagne breakfasts on the lawn.
12 miles off the coast of RI, Block Island has plenty of places to stay But none offer the unique combination of romance, world class dining and well… creature comforts
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Block Island is a beautiful nature preserve with sandy dunes, rolling hills and dramatic views of the sea.

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