Aug 14 2008

Is Fast Food Too Fast?

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Ok, is it just me or does anyone else have this problem?  You go to your local fast food chain and place your order through their static box, repeating it four times until you each understand what the other is saying.  They give you an amount which you can’t understand so you have to figure your total in your head as you drive up to the first window. You pay and they look confused as they try to figure out your change.  You proceed to the next window where your food is waiting for you.  You take your bag and drive off.  But, <!–more–>when you get down the road – or even worse, to your house – and take your food out of the bag to start eating, you realize that they either messed up your order or just completely left out some of your items. 

Well, this happens regularly to me.  My husband is not one to check the bag before he pulls away so it seems like every other time that I send him for a quick lunch he comes home missing something.  Then I have to call the place and complain because one of the members of my family has nothing to eat and now I have to cook (which was what I was trying to avoid in the first place!). 

Today, I was trying to hurry and get some things done before I had to go to work.  My three year old son wanted Wendy’s so we went through the drive through.  I ordered him a cheeseburger kids meal, ketchup only with a chocolate milk.  I also ordered a junior cheeseburger deluxe for me and a crispy chicken sandwich to put in my lunch bag for work.  The worker handed me my bags and I counted the sandwiches and drove away.  Once we got home, five miles down the road, I got my son’s food out for him to eat.  It was NOT a cheeseburger with only ketchup, it was a crispy chicken sandwich with lettuce and mayo.  So, I opened the other bag.  Yes, a junior cheeseburger deluxe was waiting for me, so the other must be his cheeseburger.  WRONG! It was a crispy chicken sandwich with NOTHING on it.  Being the nice mommy I am, (how can you resist the sad eyes of a three year old who didn’t get his cheeseburger) I picked everything off my burger and gave it to my son. 

So, my question is this… The next time I go to a fast food chain, do I really need to open every single item I ordered and inspect them to ensure they gave me the correct items or should they just slow down a little bit and be more concerned with proper customer service?

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