Aug 25 2008

Menu Planning!

I’m going to be hosting a five day student exchange later in the fall. Not just any students but international culinary grads from all over that decided to travel throughout Canada and the US. There are four of them going to be staying with me, but there are another eight of them in two other homes in this area. The plan is that they leave in the morning and check out what the area’s food industry and wineries have to offer.  You know they’ll do the “touristy” thing. Then in the evenings they will relax with their host families.  

It is an unnerving thought… what on earth do I feed them? (I’m not just getting cold feet but iced clumps)

So here I am planning up my menu. I’ll need to come up with five breakfasts; I was told that they should be fairly light with tons of coffee. (Probably muffins and such will work out the easiest) But only four dinners as the grads are hosting and cooking a full out many coursed gala for all of people involved in this exchange on their last evening here.

A lot of my “repertoire” recipes come from all over so I thought I would make each night a theme from a different country. My family roots being Hungarian I’ll make some authentic Magyar-cuisine this will be easiest evening for me. What else type of meals should I choose? They will be offered all that is Canadian at their stops during the day. I guess the warm, welcoming flavors of Italy, Greece and the Mediterranean would work out just fine.


Evening #1 a trip to Hungary!

Appetizer: cheese spread “körözött” with home made rye bread

First course: Authentic Hungarian Goulash (soup)

Entrée: Gypsy Platter 5 Grilled Meats served with Parsley Potatoes and Cucumber salad

Dessert: Hungarian Plum dumplings


Evening #2 Italy all the way! 

Appetizer: Bruschetta with Tomato, Basil and red Onions

First course: Brocconcini Salad

Entrée: Chicken Penne with Sun-dried Tomatoes and Olives

Dessert: Tiramisu


Evening #3 Greece all Authentic!

Appetizer: Grilled Eggplant Salad with tomato and

First course: Kakavia Clams and Scallops Fish soup

Entrée: Greek Swordfish Kebabs with Rice Pilaf and Greek Salad

Dessert: Walnut or Pistachio Baklava


Evening #4 from my French Bistro!

Appetizer: Steamed Mussels with Fresh Herbs

First course:  French Onion Soup Gratinee

Entrée: Filet Mignon De Porc… Roast Pork Tenderloin with Apple-Onion Marmalade

Dessert: Goat Cheese Cake with Fresh Fruit or Berries



I’ve looked at these pages and replaced, redid, recopied, replaced some more… I need help. Please look it over and see what you think. I covered all the food groups I think… I’m open to suggestions

I’ll post my favorite recipes, one at a time too. 

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