Jul 17 2008

Piadina – Slow Cook “News”

We have recently been to Piadina in Melbourne and now have news that yes they are under new management and yes the food is not the same. We will be keeping an eye on them to see how they progress.

The Piadina is located just off Lonsdale street it is a friendly fun place to eat with communal tables inside (seating for about 12) and tables for four outside (bring a coat) the staff are friendly and the food is good quality. The Menu is split into 2 distinct types of food, the slow cook and the piadina specials. The slow cook has many meals to warm the heart, all appeal to those who love home cooked fair.

The Food:

During our visits we have tried; marmalade beef ribs, lamb shank, Japanese chicken curry, tuna bake, baked honey and soy chicken and lamb shank pie. All in all the meals have been enjoyable in their own way. But I must admit al the Curry’s and slow cook meals have been Devinne.



The staff seem to have not really changed for the past year and it has a family atmosphere, I especially enjoy it that they add you to a booth that may already have 3 or 4 occupants. It’s like being  at a friends house and meeting other people. It is great that I have never noticed anyone get funny about this practice, the restaurant is frequented mainly by office workers but I would recommend it for families as well.



What more can be said this place has a welcoming vibe about it.



Most of the meals are within the (AU)$12 to (AU)$17 range, the quantity is about right, once you start with either a Blood Orange or Mandarin juice and finish with a coffee you can expect to pay about (AU)$24. For the quality and comfort I believe this pretty good.


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