Sep 20 2008

September School Holidays – Queensland Options

Well it’s that time again Spring school holiday’s for all states of Australia. The age old exodus to Queensland is about to take place, you’ve looked the airlines or serviced the car and are about to embark on 1 or 2 weeks of family closeness. This all sounds great but when you get there the work begins. I have just recently performed a road test with my wife and 3 teenagers (2 girls and 1 boy) this may have aged me but I think the results and advice with be fundamental for anyone considering the trip.

We went to all the theme parks, major shopping centres and markets. I know this sounds like a fantastic way to spend 2 weeks but we managed to find the bestvalue and entertainment for not just teenagers but for the very young and of course the parents.

Well first thing is finding an itinerary that provides something for all the family. We will of course need to hit the theme parks and of course with 3 females in the group shopping is high on the list.

We have planned to stay for 2 weeks of the holidays and the first week at the Collangatta end of the Gold Coast.

Well this will be a test of my taste buds and patience but I think will also be a lot of fun. This will be the first post of a mini series hopefully it will entice you to try a holiday in Queensland Australia in particular on the famous Gold Coast.

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