Aug 20 2008

The Rye Cafe, Midland Ontario Canada

The Happiest Place on Earth (or at least, in the afternoon in our little town) is the Rye Cafe. Located on King Street in Midland, Ontario, Canada. (sometimes referred to as “the main street”, because it’s the street our downtown core revolves around)

The only place I know of (other than my kitchen) that a body can get a REAL cappucino (or espresso or latte or iced chai tea…)

Iced Moccacino, my current fav

Iced Moccacino, my current fav

Formerly known (with great love and affection) as The Daily Perk, The Rye Cafe is still the coolest place to hang out, read, write, socialize in the middle of the day. (They open earlier for your morning java, but I personally never get there until at least 11! Ah, the artists life.)  The atmosphere is comfy cozy with it’s terracotta floor tiles, the original antique copper tiled ceiling, and lighting that perfectly sets the mood. Every month a different local artist is featured on the walls of “The Rye”, and every Wednesday night is “open mic” night.(come around 7ish.) The location has always been a hub for artists of all sorts, interesting conversation, and a place to meet new people or socialize in comfort with old friends. I personally love to go there to write, and pay my rent in flavoured coffee, specialty coffee and food.

The coffee, as I’ve said, is the best around. If you want to bring it home, they sell coffee beans for your home  brewers. If you are looking for food, their wraps are fantastic. Fresh ingredients and made with love. I can NEVER finish one, and almost always will take half home. They also have daily soups and specials. And for the attention to detail you receive, from the smile you get at the counter to the food on your plate, you’ll be impressed with the prices on the casual yet gourmet menu.

The Rye is one of those Little Town Wonders. You won’t want to miss it.

Lori Petroff

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