Dec 13 2008

Turkey Beer Leftover Recipes by Beer Specialist Bill Catron

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How can you incorporate good beer into Thanksgiving Leftovers Recipes? How To Pair Home-cooking with the Perfect Brew The holidays are upon us and many Americans are starting to plan their dinner party menus. From favorites like turkey, stuffing, pecan pies to more inventive fare, there will surely be something for everyone at the table. Good hosts everywhere will be going out of their way to make sure that everything is ideal from the decorations to the guest list, but they will often neglect their beverage offerings

Delicious food is enhanced by pairing it with the right drink. While wine is fine and soda is swell, its often the overlooked beer that may complement your holiday meal perfectly. Over 13,000 brands of beer are available to American consumers from coast to coast- that means there is definitely something for every palate-even the most persnickety.

Beer Specialist Bill Catron is available complete with a table full of beer and food and will show your viewers how to pair holiday foods with beer. He can also talk about the history of beer and why its an American classic.

Talent/Guest: Bill Catron, Beer Specialist

Bill Catron started learning about beer as a hobby. He always knew that there was more to beer than what he found in the coolers of his friends backyard cookouts. His passion for it started while he was working in the cheese department of a high-end grocery store. His curiosity later launched him into the position of beer specialist in that store. In 2007, looking to use his years of knowledge and experience with beer to the fullest, Catron accepted the position of beer specialist at Brasserie Beck in Washington, DC, a restaurant that boasts more than 100 labels of beer on the menu. Catron has so excelled in his knowledge of beer, he was knighted by The Knighthood of the Brewers Mashstaffs, the direct descendant of Belgiums ancient brewers guild.

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