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Vegan Recipes

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Vegan Recipes
, p>”The New York Times” calls Bloodroot “legendary” and “Vegetarian Times” has listed it as one of the ten best vegetarian restaurants in the nation. Bloodroot is a wonderfully unique restaurant/bookstore tucked away on the same residential street since 1977, in a Bridgeport Connecticut neighborhood with great views of the Long Island Sound.

“The Best of Bloodroot”two juicy cookbooks filled with time-tested recipes, gorgeous photographs, and fiery essays detailing their cooking and living philosophies. A thorough glossary includes discussion of the ethnic ingredients on which Bloodroot relies. Personal essays describe the owners experiences with feminism in a changing world as well as discussions of work ethics, community, economic success, and of course, an examination of the political and moral aspects of vegetarianism and veganism. Volume Two contains the most exciting collection of over 350 dairy-free recipes available today. It opens with an essay on the merits of coconut milk and coconut oil in vegan cooking, and then dives right into recipes like: African Curried Butternut Squash and Banana Soup. Who says eating vegan style has to be boring? Spiced Winter Squash Cake, Yam and Ground-Nut Stew, Southwest Chili Corn Enchiladas, Chilled Thai Rice Paper Spring Rolls and Callaloo (a Caribbean soup) make up just a sliver of Volume 2.

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Date Published :09/15/2007
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