Feb 15 2009

any ideas on what to make for my lunch tomorrow?

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I want to make something fancy…Im working with $40, a toaster oven, stove, and pretty much every cooking gadget i might need….any ideas on what to make for my lunch tomorrow? Im tired of gross cafeteria food….
So far, I only like the first one…and #3, you're not funny.

I prefer not to give recipes. HOWEVER, use your imagination OR buy prepared salad dressings.

Stuffed celery w/ cream cheese – or any cheese for that matter. Simply wrap the cheese around the celery OR if you’re eating cheese wedges, alternate between the two.

Hearts of lettuce with some of your favorite veggies.

Caesar salad (with the dressing on the side, until your ready for lunch)

When you go to the store, experiment with different veggies, greens and lettuces.

Chef’s salad w/ some of your favorite cold cuts or cheeses.

Waldorf salad – with apples, grapes, walnuts, celery and mayonnaise.

When I was a young man, we grew tomatoes. It was nothing to grab a ripe tomato from the vine, chill it for a couple hours, then eat it like an apple with salt and black pepper. You could do the same with vine-ripened, store-bought tomatoes; tomatoes from a produce stand or farmer’s market. Depending on the size of the tomato and your appetite, that’s a really easy lunch – or snack, isn’t it?

Cucumber salad.

Stuffed tomato w/ your favorite mixed salad – shrimp, chicken, egg, etc.

Fruit salad – using fresh fruit, canned fruit or a combination.

Shredded Carrot and raisin salad.

Leftover meatloaf [ketchup on the side];

Imitation crab salad


Deviled eggs

Leftover fried or baked chicken OR just about any leftovers for that matter.

What's that? No refrigeration? You could use one or two of those freeze and re-use then freeze again ice packs, couldn't you?.

Thanks for asking your Q! I enjoyed answering it!

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