Feb 24 2009

Are you a sucker for buying gadgets advertised on tv? What have you bought?

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What do you use?
What don't you use?

Any comments?

I guess I could have put this question in the Cooking section too. Oh well!

My father-in-law, a well respected doctor, was such a sucker for infomercial gadgets! My mother-in-law never knew what the next package would contain because he would stay up late and order the stuff while she was asleep. He bought the salad shooter, glass magic wand, pole extension for dusting and painting, pasta draining pot, any miracle cleaner they advertised, veggie mandoline cutter, ginsu knives, garlic peeler and dicer, jar opener, the screw extractor, some talking fish and turkey, miracle tarnish proof felt jackets for silver, plastic container organizers, flow-be, pizza heater, mini chopper/blender/grinder, salad spinner, a pan that is split and cook 2 different things at once, the original laser stud finder and level, and those are only the ones I can think of off of the top of my head.

I can say, we used to get his cast-offs and some really did work. Still in use are the salad spinner, laser level, pole extender, screw extractor, tarnish proof jackets for silver.

He passed away, thanks for a great memory of a wonderful person. We used to make fun of him for his "infomercial addiction", now it is a fond memory.

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