Feb 24 2009

Do you know of any small, easy to make, no special ingredients needed, treats that fit into cup cake wrappers?

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I want to make a varity of little bite sized delights for my friends this holiday season, but I really can't go to the store. Do you know of any small deserts like this that can easily be layed in one of those paper cup cake holders?

i get the mini/foil patty cake cases.

Just melt chocolate with a little(couple of spns)Then with pastry brush paint the inside of cases so their lined with choc,(make shell coating thickish)refrigerate till set.
Meanwhile make a peanut butter caramel type filling(peanut butter,little cream,little butter&caramels all melted in pan till smooth)Fill a tspns worth into each little cup&refrigerate to firm up)MEANWHILE,melt more choc.over a water bath till smooth,then put some on the cups to encase.Set in fridge/if you can stand to wait..HOME MADE PEANUT-BUTTER CUPS!!!!
There easy,no special ingredients,skills or equiptment needed.Hope you like them.

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