Feb 15 2009

Does anyone have any Lasagna OR BBQ Pork/Chicken Recipes?

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I'm wanting to fix a surprise dinner for my husband on his birthday. His favorite dishes seem to be Lasagna and BBQ. (However, I don't want to mix THOSE 2 together!).
I'd prefer for the chicken or pork recipes to be bonless ones, but if not i'll still take any suggestions. It would also be great to get a recipe that would consist of getting the meat REALLY tender.
Just let me know how to make it and would be nice if it was a recipe that was just for 2 people.

Thanks so much in advance for your suggestions!

Here are two of my favs, I have made them both.
This makes a lot, as will any lasagna.

Reading the reviews will give you ideas on how to make it better.

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