Feb 21 2009

Does anyone have any really good french recipes?

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I have this project at school that i need a french recipe


Recipe: Bag O' Potaoes
1 Knife
1 Seasonings

1) Open bag
2) Slice as many as you want
3) Get out Pizza Pan
4) Lay down Unfried French Fries…Add seasoning, be genorous it's Winter Time
5)Put in oven
6) Take out of oven
7) Eat
Enjoy *-*

French Toast

Recipe: 3 Slices of bread
1 Thing-a-majiger of Powered Sugar
1 Syrup Bottle (Maple or Traditional Betty Crocker)
2 Egg (not required)
1) Turn on oven
2) Put bread and eggs in separate pans
3) Let them cook
4) Take them out of pan
5) Place them on plate
6) Add syrup and powdered sugar to your liking
7) Enjoy!
Bon' Appitite!

Disclaimer: Do not serve to French People for they will hate you..

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