Feb 15 2009

Does anyone have any really good mexican food recipes?

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I am living with a guy and his 3 kids, I cook but not really a mexican chef if you know what I mean? Please help me with any good mexican recipes.
The kids are 7,10,11,13 and of course the biggest kid is 33. They have mexican heritage and are use to eating this type of food, I just need help learning how to cook it.

Thank you all for your answers and the websites… I REALLY appreciate the help.

how old are the kids, my kids dont like spicy or saucy.
enchiladas are always a hit, soft fry corn tortillas, cook and shred your favorite meat, grate cheese for inside and on top, canned sauce is the easiest, mix 1/2 the can into your meat and poor the rest on top. roll em up, bake em at 425 till all the cheese is melted, and youre done.
I make some in an extra dish without sauce, for my picky kids.

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