Feb 06 2009

Holiday food for Dogs after dinner is over?

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My boyfriend and I cannot agree on this. I know you should not be feeding a dog people food during dinner time, but I want to know if feeding our puppy a few small (like only a little bit) amount of Turkey after our Holiday dinner would affect his begging habits.

First of all he doesn’t beg. We do not EVER feed him from the table.

I feel that if we wait until we are done eating our dinner and everything is cleaned up, and then if we just put a few bites of Turkey in his bowl with his food, he will not beg.

Wait until after you guys are done eating and there is no food around. You don’t want ur dog to associate when ppl eat that he will get a treat. After the meal, wait a few mins and then give him the treat. Do it like you would his regular dog treats.

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