Feb 21 2009

I’m looking for good cookie/treats recipes to be able to send to my husband in Iraq. PLEASE HELP!?

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My husband and tons of our friends are overseas in Iraq and I’d like to send them some homemade cookies and treats. I need some “desert proof/safe” recipes. Please nothing that can melt or go bad easily like chocolate. Also, need to know how to pack them so they can arrive fresh! Thanks a million!

My son was overseas and I sent many different types of cookies. You just have to make sure they are not soft or crumbly cookies. I would send snickerdoodles, chocolate chip, sugar, chocolate filled snowballs…..etc. (You can get these recipes on line). For the most part, they arrived in okay condition. The chex mix idea is a great idea. I did not think of that and I am sure they would have loved that! As far as packing goes, I would just make sure everything was packed tight so things would not move around too much in the boxes. Another good idea is to make homemaid beef jerky. It is not hard make at all.

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