Feb 02 2009

Japanese Convenience Food

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A short video showing a selection of Japanese style fast food items available at a store near our home in Shizuoka City, Japan. We often stop here on picnic days to pick up our lunch or on work days when we choose to take our lunch at our desks back at the office. These types of establishments are very popular in Japan and quite crowded during the evening and on weekends. The food is usually made fresh in a kitchen in back and each establishment may have its own specialty selections of ready made lunch boxes called “bento”. The bento at this restaurant are seen at the start of the video just after some trays of rice balls. Rice balls are hand-formed (molds are used too) balls of rice filled with something yummy and often covered with dry seaweed. A few of the most popular onigiri fillings include cooked salmon, tuna as well as salty pickled plums (my favorite!). The list goes on and on as onigiri are as popular with the Japanese as the Vegemite sandwich is with the Australians and the peanut butter and jelly sandwich is with the Americans.

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