Feb 12 2009

Japanese recipes for begginer cook?

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I'd thought I do something sweet for my boyfriend and make him his favorite food which is Japanese. We never get to eat it since its so expensive so I thought I'd cook it. I'm a begginer cook so difficult recipes please or any great websites would be appreciated. Thank you in advanced. Also, congratulations to all those who answered this question for the 2 points.

Well, you are a great girlfriend.

Some of my favorite Japanese dishes are Curry and Katsu-don (fried chicken cutlets, but you could use pork) on a bed of rice. And what could be better, than to combine these two dishes into one. A flavorful curry with crisp juicy chicken is heavenly. And they take very little time to prepare, and very little ingredients, and it's fool proof.

Here's a Katsu recipe that's similar to mines.

The curry? Just break off three pieces of curry cubes into 3 cups of water, heat until thick. If you want to add vegetables, add a couple frozen vegetable mix (like Birdseye peas, carrots, and corn). http://www.quickspice.com/scstore/images/curry-s&b-medhot.jpg

If you want to use the ready made packs that has the vegetables in it, just throw the whole bag into a pot of boiling water for several minutes and pour over the katsu. https://ssl1.lon.gb.securedata.net/japanesekitchen.co.uk/merchantmanager/images/goldcurryveghot.jpg

Serve with rice. Uncle Ben's is perfectly fine.

Here's a picture of the final product.

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