Jan 19 2009

pod3 Food & Drink: Ben Wilson: Metabolic Typing; How to Diet

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In this video podcast, Ben Wilson, Sweden’s national rugby coach and nutritionist consultant uses the principles of “Metabolic Typing” to guide us through what to eat, how much to eat, and what not to eat, for a healthy diet for life.

There are a huge number of diets such as the Atkins, low fat, low GI, however these are all make an umption that we are all the same. However as we are all unique on the inside – just as we are all different on the outside – we need some way to determine the best mix of food types to suit our individual biology as these differences can cause big differences in how we react to different food types.

We really all need custom built diets, and Metabolic Typing can be used to define the optimum diet for you. Do you feel energised or sleepy after you’ve eaten? Do you feel hungry soon after eating? Are you not achieving the weight loss you need despite constantly exercising? It could be because things are out of balance…

Find out how you can bring a healthy balance to your diet for life by downloading this show…

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