Jan 18 2009

What are some good "comfort food" recipes?

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I have a stressful job and sometimes I just want to make something quick, easy and calming to make for dinner for me and my husband when I get home.
I'm kind of a picky eater and I'm not a gourmet chef so the less exotic and more simple it is, the better.

Take a look at these recipes:

And these categories on the left and on the right hand sides:

Best of all, Hormel, Armour, Tyson and other brands have packages of PRE-COOKED beef tips, roast, pot roast, pork roast, chicken, ham, meatload. Most all come with gravy. They are very good and I serve them often. Use this for your meat dish and add vegetables, rice, or potatoes and gravy. You will find these packages near the meat section, they are not frozen. If you are only cooking for yourself, you can make two or more meals out of one package and freeze them for future dinners or lunches.

Tyson's fully cooked whole chickens are delicious. I serve them often with S&W canned sweet potatoes, Stove-Top dressing, microwave chicken/turkey gravy, a vegetable, cranberry sauce, and Pillsbury Microwave Biscuits which are better than I can make. A frozen pie defrosted and fully cooked. Perfect for one or two people at Thanksgiving or Christmas.

Crockpot websites to check out:
Beef Recipes in Crock Pot (see other types of meats at the very bottom of this link):
Chicken Recipes in Crock Pot:
Scroll way down this link for more chicken recipes:

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