Feb 12 2009

What are the basic shopping items needed for one person per week?

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I was wondering what the main essential shopping items are for a weeks amount of shopping. Cutting off the biscuits, chocoate, lollies, desert treats etc. Just the basic items, including tolietry and hygeine. This is for one person for one week.


If you stick to the essentials, you can make a multiplitude of recipies and dishes. However, depending on your budget, you may not need to shop every week, just might need to stock up on a few items. An example is if you buy rice, you should buy a bigger bag which would last a bit longer. Tomatoes or other perishables will most likely be every week.
My essentials are basically
bread, cereal, milk, sugar, flour, onions, tomatoes(canned & fresh), rice, butter, salt, pepper, lettuce, chicken, ham, mince, some spices, toilet paper, soap, and more.

It varies week to week, try out a shop or two and you will find out how much you use/need after a while.
Good luck.

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