Feb 15 2009

What are the best foods to buy organic?

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We dont have lots of money but I would like to start eating more organic food. I already eat organic apples, organic mixed greens and organic peanut butter. What are the BEST foods to choose to eat organic. I heard milk and meat are good ones. Any others? I dont plan on eating everything organic but choosing the ones that are best bang for your buck.

Hey MissLiss,

I've heard meats and dairy since the fat in these foods tends to absorb more of the pestcides and growth hormones used in conventional farming. However, I've also started to use organic, unbleached flour in my baking and found that everyting I baked turned out nicer. Of course, organic fruits and veggies (when they're in season) are tastier and healthier. You might even find that there's a co-op organic farm nearby that you can get a membership tp for not too much money.

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