Feb 15 2009

What is the best chinese cookbook recipes and how to basic ingredents to stock???

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1. easy to follw simple fast recipes
2. how to stock a kitchen for chinese cooking
3. Chinese people only anwser please

Martin Yan of "Yan can cook" has wonderful cantonese recipes. My mom said many of the receipes he uses is just like my grandma's, which she passed down to my mom which she taught me. He has his show on PBS and its very easy to learn his techniques. I'm sure if you google him, he'll come up.

For chinese cooking the major ingredients my kitchen has are:

1) Soy Sauce. My mom uses the dark chinese one. I like the light ones like Kikoman.
2) Corn starch. Most recipes ask for corn starch. Not flour
3) Ginger root. Fresh one. If you keep it on your counter, it will shrivel up, but keep it. Use if for soups. Its still good dried, but not as flavorful or powerful.
4) Oyster Sauce
5) Chicken broth. Its best to use fresh chicken broth but who has the time to boil a pot of chicken? The chinese supermarkets usually sells 2 for $1, but when they're on special I buy a case and leave them in the garage. You can't have too much chicken broth!
6) Chinese 5 spice. Its a combination of spices, star anise, etc.
7) Sesame oil. A little goes a long long way so buy a small bottle.

Then there's the other fresh ingredients like:
Green onions
Brown or red onions
Chinese veggies like bok choy, choy sum, etc.
Garlic. Fresh is best but I even have the precrushed one in the jar.
These you have to go to the grocery store regulary.

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