Feb 15 2009

What is the best tasty, quick healthy snack?

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Is there anything that you could eat, say like potato chips but that they are healthy and really tasty. Something quick and convenient. My stomach won't allow me to eat junk food no more and sometimes I get really hungry and need a tasty, quick healthy snack, any suggestions?

i don't know where you are from, but in the uk we have a food called snack a jacks, they are basically rice cakes but they come in loads of flavour, both sweet and savoury, they are really low fat, sugar and salt. and they cost about the same as a packet of crisps do. try them, they are really nice – if they sell them near you of course. If not, I keep a big bowl of either sliced crunchy veg stcks in my fridge – carrots, peppers, fruits ect… and when i find myself feeling peckish I grab a few and it usually gets me past the hungry stage. keep some low fat cheese spead, like phili nearby, just in case ….. to dunk…..

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