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Why is food labeled breakfast, lunch and dinner? Is there certain types of food your supposed to eat? Recipes?

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For example, what is a good healthy meal for breakfast?

Lunch I ususally eat something like a milkshake, or a sandwich of some sort.

Thanks so much for the help!

Dinner my mom cooks ususally, but is there any good healthy recipes?
Thanks! I will try it all!
Thanks! I will try it all!
Thanks! I will try it all!

I dont live in a country where they label food lunch, breakfast and dinner. However if you live in a country like that, it is done for people who cannot think for themselves and require media to tell them what they require and where to spend their money, rather than living and learning about real nutrition and food identification and preparation.

In the morning eat some food classified as carbohydrates to give you energy for the first half of the day. This will keep you going evenly during the morning. Examples are grains, wheat, rice, oats; – pasta. — so eat cereal, preferably not stuff with tony tiger or other pretty animals on the box. Eat rice to be sure your not eating high processed corporate food. Try oatmeal, unsugared wheat or corn flakes. Put some fruit on them – chopped up – banana, apples, strawberries, anything etc

Boil some rice in hot water for about 15 minutes until its soft, then throw in a few teaspoons of soysauce and sme left over meat from the night before and some veges – like peas and corn.

At noon you should have your main meal fr the day. Have a steak or chicken or pork or lamb, pan fried, bbq, roasted or boiled in a soup. Eat this with chopped up real veges from the market like carrots, corn, peas, spinach, brussels, cabbage, squash, or whatever is in season in your area of the world.

In the late afternoon, have a smaller meal, some sandwiches etc with the leftovers from midday, if you have any. It only has to keep you going while you laze about before bed.

Remember more food in morning an arvo, and less in the evening, and don't by preprepared food, that come in boxes that only require you to add water and eat.

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