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Aug 14 2008

A 3-Generation Christmas Cookie

Hard to believe that it is only four months until Christmas!  Too early, you may say, to think about baking cookies.  Think again!  If you are brave enough to endure the lengthy preparation of these cookies, passed down by my grandmother, they are well worth it.  My grandmother would make them by the laundry basket […]

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Aug 13 2008

Make a Memory – Boy Scout Lunch

Looking back at my childhood, a lot of the happier memories included food.  Back when people could afford steaks and roasts almost daily, I remember the smells coming from the kitchen.  When I would see the the commercial for the American Beef Council, the “coziness” of the commercial would bring back memories.  Anytime I would […]

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Aug 11 2008

Comforting and Quick!

School brings on the need food that is quick and filling, as well as a sense of togetherness and comfort.  Meals that can be thrown together in the morning or the night before are often a necessity.  The following two recipes, rounded out with a crisp salad and french or garlic bread, make a filling meal, […]

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May 26 2008

‘The Mess Hall’ Review

The Mess Hall has been thriving up at the Paris of the CBD for four years now. It has had to compete with some venerable icons such as the Cellar Bar, Pellegrinos, The European to name but a few, all within a block radius. In that time it carved out a great reputation as a […]

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