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Feb 02 2009

Bachelor Chef – Chicken and Fruit Salad

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Another Recipe from the Bachlor Chef Duration : 0:3:25

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Dec 29 2008

“The Mojito Of The Future” From Bacardi & Eben Freeman

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Molecular mixology is a new avant garde approach to drinks that mirrors the legendary techniques of molecular gastronomy. Through reinventing, deconstructing and reconstructing familiar drinks then layering and intensifying the flavours – bartenders are now offering their consumers a brand new drinking experience. Using alternatives to the more traditional mixers such a purees, foams, emulsions, […]

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Dec 16 2008

“Onba” Tapas & Wine Bar | Hobart, Tasmania | by Annoying Amy

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The flash new “Onba” tapas and wine bar in North Hobart, Tasmania, as presented by “Annoying Amy” the Cashier Chick who makes a mean coffee too!! (no sense of humour, though — a bit of a problem — but makes up for it on the dance floor, so the rumour goes!!) You can see more […]

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Dec 16 2008


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I will be embarking with a high protein and low carb diet for the next 12 weeks challenge Duration : 0:7:4

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Aug 26 2008

Chocolate – New Cadbury Creme Brulee

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Well I was walking into the supermarket and bam, there it was a new bar of chocolate from Cadbury “Creme Brulee”

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Aug 15 2008

5 Signs of a Good Wine Bar

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The best way to learn about wine is to drink it. Unfortunately, most regular bars only stock a few wines which are selected for mass appeal, rather than quality. If you want to go out to drink good wine, you need to find a good wine bar!

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