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Dec 18 2008

Letter “A” Activities with Food by Cullen’s Abc’s

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At http://cullensabcs.com/letter-activities-with-food-aa-by-cullens-abcs/ watch this video. In this video children learn interactively about a specific letter of the English alphabet with Cullen and Gator in this educational and entertaining video. Three things are covered for each letter: viewing upper and lower case letters, making the letter’s sound together, and learning about a food that starts with […]

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Dec 12 2008

ADHD Warning – Nutrition by Natalie

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ADHD Warning Nutrition by Natalie A recent study published in the UK Lancet medical journal found that children given food which contain common food dyes and sodium benzoate (a preservative) caused several children to become measurably more hyperactive and inattentive. The findings promoted the UK Food Standards Agency to issue an immediate advisory warning to […]

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Dec 12 2008

HIV Nutrition Study at Baan Gerda

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Researchers from the Thai Red Cross carry out a nutritional study on HIV infected children. www.baangerda.org Duration : 0:1:39

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Aug 15 2008

Healthy alternatives to french fries in kids meals

Although I may not always eat right, I try to make sure my children are getting nutritious meals.¬† Restaurants are getting more involved in healthy choices for your children, but what they are providing¬†aren’t always kid friendly options.

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Aug 13 2008

Back to school food

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Yesterday I reviewed some Smiley fries from McCain Foods Limited. They are the leading provider of frozen foods to public school. You can read my review here, if you are interested. I’ve been thinking a lot about school lunches and how to NOT feed out children fatty, sugary, low nutritious food every single day. I […]

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