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Jan 19 2009

TART LOS ANGELES RESTAURANT The Best American Food Restaurants in West Hollywood near Beverly Hills

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http://www.tartrestaurant.com The Best American food Burger Sliders in Los Angeles Restaurants in West Hollywood near Beverly Hills eviews,

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Dec 12 2008

Sheep Cheese: Ancient Heritage Dairy

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Sheep cheese tastes distinctive, characteristically strong, and very different from cow or goat cheese. On this family sheep farm, the making of cheese reflects a slower pace of life along with a direct connection to the land. Consuming this cheese requires a careful eating pace. To see more stories, get recipes, and links to additional […]

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Sep 21 2008

Christmas Gifting On My Mind! (101 days till Christmas eve)

  In the spirit of the economy let me eliminate a bunch of trips to the mall where I would have to walk around frantically trying to find just the right gift for all, on my shopping list. I truly believe its time to bring back the old fashioned spirit of Christmas and spend a few […]

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Sep 03 2008

Canning the Chow Chow – Post, the First

It’s a down-east family tradition. Chow Chow. Sweet relish made from green tomatoes and onions. When we were first introduced to it in New Glascow, Nova Scotia, we couldn’t believe we were allowed to eat this sweet good stuff right along side our meat and potatoes. Shouldn’t this be a desert? This year, with the […]

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