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Feb 09 2009

Quick & Easy Traditional Japanese Food : Finishing Tips: Vegetable Tempura Recipe

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Learn how to Finish making a Vegetable Tempura recipe in this traditional Japanese food cooking video. Duration : 0:1:28

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Feb 02 2009

Japanese Convenience Food

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A short video showing a selection of Japanese style fast food items available at a store near our home in Shizuoka City, Japan. We often stop here on picnic days to pick up our lunch or on work days when we choose to take our lunch at our desks back at the office. These types […]

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Dec 20 2008

Sushi rice recipe – Japanese recipe

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2 cups rice: You will need Japanese short-grained white rice, also called japonica rice or sushi rice. Do not use American-style long grained rice as it will not turn out well. Japanese rice has the right amount of starch needed to make the rice glossy and st Duration : 0:3:42

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Dec 18 2008

Japan 2007 – Food Theme Park Restaurant Fun

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Having fun in one of the restaurants in the Food Theme Park Duration : 0:4:59

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Dec 16 2008


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Cut The Tomato with the Nihontou(???). on HighSpeedCamera. ??:????????????????? http://nihontou.jp/syuushinryuu/index.htm ?????????????? http://www.nobby-tech.co.jp/ Duration : 0:1:22

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Dec 13 2008

The greatest place on earth: A Japanese Convenience Store

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A quick glance inside one of many Japanese junk food meccas. A FamilyMart in Kyoto. Duration : 0:0:28

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