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Feb 09 2009

Raw Food Recipe Episode 6-Jenna’s Healthy Kitchen

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Raw food recipe. In this episode of Jenna’s Healthy Kitchen, Jenna’s guest chef Evona Poplawski demonstrates how to prepare a marinated kale cole slaw recipe that is delicious and very nutritious. Evona is a raw (living) food chef who trained at the Living Light Culinary Arts Institute. She’s also the co-founder of Veggie Magic Foods […]

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Aug 11 2008

A Guide to a World of Greens!

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At first glance at that title I can hear the groan far and wide “…not another article on how to save our planet…” Even though that is a most crucial topic. However to add some or all of the ‘World of Greens’ into our daily diet may be almost as vital. Here is a quick scan of the top ten that everyone should have […]

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