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Feb 23 2009

Korean Convenience Store Raid Part 1: Bagged Snacks

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We went to the local GS25 and grabbed all the new stuff we could find, bought it all, ate and drank it, then recorded our reactions. Here’s the result: a four-part miniseries on Korean Convenience Store food. The song at the intro is: Bike (Vocal. Westwind) by ????. Please note: we have opinions! If we […]

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Dec 18 2008

Expanding paper towel / facecloth in a Korean restaurant

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Many restaurants in Korea and Japan use the mulsugeon/oshibori to clean one’s hands before having a meal: http://wiki.galbijim.com/%EB%AC%BC%EC%88%98%EA%B1%B4 This one is more interesting than the average one however as you get them in a shrunk pill-sized form, but pouring water on it causes it to grow suddenly and then all you do is unroll it […]

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Dec 13 2008

coffee art

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Coffee art Duration : 0:2:45

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