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Feb 23 2009

Korean Convenience Store Raid Part 1: Bagged Snacks

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We went to the local GS25 and grabbed all the new stuff we could find, bought it all, ate and drank it, then recorded our reactions. Here’s the result: a four-part miniseries on Korean Convenience Store food. The song at the intro is: Bike (Vocal. Westwind) by ????. Please note: we have opinions! If we […]

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Jan 19 2009

TART LOS ANGELES RESTAURANT The Best American Food Restaurants in West Hollywood near Beverly Hills

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http://www.tartrestaurant.com The Best American food Burger Sliders in Los Angeles Restaurants in West Hollywood near Beverly Hills eviews,

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Jan 12 2009

Easy Korean recipe – Soon Doobu Cchiggae (Spicy korean tofu soup)

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Cathlyn reveals her secret recipe to making one of the most popular korean soup recipes, Soon Doobu Cchiggae…. Duration : 0:5:57

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Jan 11 2009

Easy Korean Recipes : How to Make Sauce for Korean Fish Fries

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How to make sauce for Korean Fish Fries; learn this and more in this free online cooking video taught by an expert Korean cuisine chef and nutrition expert. Duration : 0:1:23

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Dec 22 2008

Hot Food Stands At Oksu Station

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A Standard site on the streets of Seoul My Homepage http://www.cyworld.com/michaelarnold Duration : 0:1:16

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Dec 18 2008

Flushing NY 11354 Northern Blvd & Main Street

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Flushing NY 11354 A short view of Northern Blvd from Main Street just up to Union Street. We start with the infamous Kennedy fried chicken, passing by the old Quaker meeting house (0:18) that dates back to the late 1600’s or early 1700’s as we enter Korean territory. We see the Queens School of Music, […]

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Dec 16 2008

Korean Food: Bulgogi and Rice

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www.revamptv.com Bulgogi and Rice Marinated beef! Duration : 0:9:0

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Dec 13 2008

Korean Food: Tang soo yook (???)

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The Korean name of this Deep Fried Meat With Sauce is Tang-soo-yook (???) which is Korean style Chinese food. You can find this food in the Chinese restaurants in Korea. (This is not authentic Chinese food. *^^*) The fried meat tastes really great with the sweet and sour sauce. The onions, carrots, and cucumbers gives […]

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Dec 13 2008

Eating Global Vancouver – Jang Mo Jib Korean Restaurant

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The second of the Eating Global Vancouver student film series, this film concentrates on the Moon family and their Korean restaurant chain, Jang Mo Jib. Through interviews with the father and daughter, we see different generations of a family-run business, and get rare behind the scenes interviews at the factory where kimchi, BBQ beef, and […]

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May 05 2008

Han Guuk Guan – Korean and Chinese Food

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