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Dec 13 2008

Ham and Split Pea Soup Recipe – A Great Soup

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Visit http://foodwishes.com, to get the ingredients, and watch over 200 free video recipes! Leave me a comment there. Duration : 0:3:20

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Dec 13 2008

White Bean Soup Recipe With Ham Hocks : Soak Beans: Hamhocks & Bean Soup Recipe

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Learn how to soak the beans to make a hamhocks & white bean soup recipe in this free southern food cooking class on video. Duration : 0:1:8

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Dec 12 2008

Lentil Soup with braised Ham Hock

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Check out the site for recipe and details for this great soup! Duration : 0:4:1

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Dec 12 2008

cooking ramen

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Here’s a recipe for egg drop soup using ramen noodles. Duration : 0:3:48

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Sep 21 2008

Christmas Gifting On My Mind! (101 days till Christmas eve)

  In the spirit of the economy let me eliminate a bunch of trips to the mall where I would have to walk around frantically trying to find just the right gift for all, on my shopping list. I truly believe its time to bring back the old fashioned spirit of Christmas and spend a few […]

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Aug 27 2008

Heirloom Recipe—Hungarian Goulash

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Having been born in Hungary coincidentally “Hungarian Goulash” is my all time favorite “soothing the soul” dish. So I decided to share it first. I read somewhere in Hungarian folklore that it’s thought that the original Hungarian Goulash originated back in the time of the Huns.

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Aug 25 2008

Menu Planning!

I’m going to be hosting a five day student exchange later in the fall. Not just any students but international culinary grads from all over that decided to travel throughout Canada and the US. There are four of them going to be staying with me, but there are another eight of them in two other […]

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Aug 20 2008

The Rye Cafe, Midland Ontario Canada

The Happiest Place on Earth (or at least, in the afternoon in our little town) is the Rye Cafe. Located on King Street in Midland, Ontario, Canada. (sometimes referred to as “the main street”, because it’s the street our downtown core revolves around)

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Aug 16 2008

Foods that Make You Feel Like a Kid Again

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When you were a kid you ate what tasted good to you, plain and simple. No amount of cajoling or threatening could make you eat something you didn’t find appetizing. Sure, you might try the tiniest little bit of something, just to satisfy your parents, but to actually eat a dish you didn’t like-NO WAY. […]

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Aug 13 2008

Homemade Noodles Make a Difference at Zoba

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I like noodle bars, and in the Chicago area we have plenty of them. So many, in fact, that competition is fierce, and a bad noodle bar won’t stay open for long.

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