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Dec 12 2008

Grocery Store Wars

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Not long ago in a supermarket not so far away. Help fight the dark side of the farm. Rate the film, favorite the film, comment the film and subscribe to our channel for the freshest Free Range films. Duration : 0:5:50

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Oct 14 2008

What Your Guests Won’t Eat: Vegetarians and Vegans

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Entertaining in the 00’s Pity the modern hostess. She used to plan an event according to her budget and culinary skills. But now religious restrictions, ethical quandries, and food allergies monopolize her party menu! With this in mind, I am starting a series on “What Your Guests Won’t Eat”.  I know that many of us […]

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Sep 08 2008

Cooking with Lavender!

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    There is nothing better tasting then fresh bread with a lavender spread. The aroma of the two combined is so great that in my opinion should be bottled as a perfect kitchen air freshener scent. Important facts to know and to follow: Never use any type of dried lavender if it’s not self […]

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Sep 03 2008

Best Mac & Cheese Casserole!

Cheesy and Creamy, So, So, So Good…  When my kids were growing up I never seemed to know how many to make dinner for. There were always a couple of extra “hollow-legs-syndromed” teens about. This was my salvation dinner.

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Aug 19 2008

Crock Pot Super Easy Vegan Spaghetti For Bloggers and Others

 So, you’re a blogger. Or you work at home in some other way. Does that mean you have to eat the traditional nerd’s meal of caffeine and whatever munchy food is close by? Hardly. There’s nothing more reassuring on a busy day than knowing that a good dinner is cooking itself while you’re busy with […]

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Aug 18 2008

Guess What’s For Dinner

Shrimp Stirfry served on a bed of rice… my favorite! 5 tblsps of extra virgin olive oil

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Aug 15 2008

Healthy alternatives to french fries in kids meals

Although I may not always eat right, I try to make sure my children are getting nutritious meals.  Restaurants are getting more involved in healthy choices for your children, but what they are providing aren’t always kid friendly options.

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Aug 14 2008

Hot Off the Grill – Our Top 5 Grilling Choices

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  You are talking to a gal raised on the west coast and transplanted to the midwest. Besides missing the abundance of fresh produce, fruits, and fish, not being able to grill year-round was painful. Yes, you can grill in the winter in Minnesota after you put on layers of clothing, shovel the deck, and […]

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Aug 13 2008

Make a Memory – Boy Scout Lunch

Looking back at my childhood, a lot of the happier memories included food.  Back when people could afford steaks and roasts almost daily, I remember the smells coming from the kitchen.  When I would see the the commercial for the American Beef Council, the “coziness” of the commercial would bring back memories.  Anytime I would […]

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Aug 13 2008

10 Best Healthy Beach Snacks

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Nothing sounds better on a hot, sticky summer day then a trip to the beach. Sometimes, those snap decisions to cool off at the beach can be the best experience of the whole summer. Before you hit the beach you grab everything you need, suit, towel, sunscreen. Wait don’t forget the snacks. Lazing around on […]

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