Dec 14 2008

Braises and Stews

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Braises and Stews
Remember those tantalizing smells coming from Grandma’s kitchen as she made her treasured, slow-cooked meals? Braises and Stews brings modern convenience and style to good old-fashioned comfort food. Organized by main ingredient, this handy cookbook dishes up the secrets for making such savory one-pot meals as Classic Pot Roast or Pub Short Ribs. Lighter fare like Coq au Vin prepared with white wine or a Roman-inspired Spring Stew of Favas, Artichokes, and Fresh Peas will appeal to those with smaller appetites. Why stew over dinner when there are so many tasty options to throw in the pot?

Product Specification :

ISBN :0811860558
Format :Hardcover: 144 pages
Publisher :Chronicle Books Llc
Date Published :10/30/2007
List price :22.95

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