Aug 16 2008

Bye Bye, 22 Year Old Microwave.

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This evening my beloved came home from work, proudly carrying a new microwave in his arms. He got a very good deal on it from work, and it IS pretty and new. It’s a Danby, 17L capacity (0.6 Cu.Ft.) It uses 700 Watts.

New Nuke!

New Nuke!

The old one is…well, old. There’s a nice little stamped date on the inside of the door. August 1986. It boasts 1160 Watts. It’s a hand-me-down from my step mom and father. I’ve had it for about four years. They got it when they got married, back then. Nothing ever got cooked in the old girl, and generally it sat unplugged on the counter. That is, until I need a coffee “nuked”. That’s pretty much all it got used for. I figure, 1986 was probably not a very good year for having an “eco” sense, probably didn’t worry about conserving power on any level, and heaven knows what the clock alone might have been throwing out into the kitchen, never mind when the contraption was actually on for the 30 seconds it took to make the mornings coffee drinkable in the mid afternoon.

Old Nuke

Old Nuke

My beloved moved the old behemoth of an appliance off the counter. WITH yesterdays coffee still in it. Which made me laugh and forget all about what my initial thoughts were on a new microwave coming home.

Whoops! Yesterdays coffee

Whoops! Yesterdays coffee

So, he cleaned off the counter and set up the new Danby. It is petite, and it’s brand new whiteness makes the rest of my kitchen look a little yellow. (This may have been a plot to force my hand at cleaning the kitchen, now that I think about it…It’s all making sense now..hmmmm.)

He took the cutie patootie out of the box (because the sound of styrofoam rubbing on ANYTHING makes my teeth hurt.) and set it up. Then tried to figure out how to work the new fancy pants microwave, with all it’s flashy buttons.

"Oh, look, it's the cook button!"

So, after the levity of a shiny new appliance in the kitchen, I got to thinking. Will I ever use it for anything else? Now that I know it’s a newer, perhaps less scary, definitely less energy consuming kitchen helper, will I use it more often? Does anyone actually use a microwave to cook anymore?

I recall watching a Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares where he got, let’s say “agitated”, with a proprietor for allowing anything to be cooked in a microwave. And sure, they have their place in the family kitchen (they are very good for reheating canned spaghetti… You know, if you succumb to the chants of “buy that mom!” in the markets.)

But I’ll bet that the most use it will get is at 3pm when I’m reheating coffee.

Same old mug, brand new microwave

Same old mug, brand new microwave

Or maybe the occasional bag of microwave popcorn. You know, now that we actually have a microwave that can HANDLE that kind of thing.

(There’s a special button for it and everything.)

Lori Petroff

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