Dec 16 2008

Copper Risotto Pan

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Copper Risotto Pan

Risotto, one of Italy’s delicious contributions to world cuisine, is most pleasing when it’s moist and creamy. This marvelous, tin-lined 12in copper pan is forged in the traditional style. Its removable stainless steel bale handle once would have held the pan over a cooking fire. Copper’s efficient heat distribution and the pan’s straight sides help to produce a tender, well-cooked risotto. 6-quart capacity. Wooden risotto spatula included. Made in Italy. Find recipes, techniques and tips in our new Things Cooks Love cookbook. Click here for details. rissoto, risoto, rissotto, copperware, Cookware, Global Kitchen, Specialty Cookware, “risotto pan”, “what is rissoto”, contribution Italy, cookware risotto, copper pan, copper pans, copper pans italy, copper risoto pan, copper risotto, copper risotto pan, copper risotto pans, de copper risotto pan, De La Cuisine copper cookware, how to tin copper pn, italian copper cookware, italian copper pans, Italy’s contributions, pans risotto, risotto cookware, risotto pan, risotto pan – copper, risotto pans, rissoto pan, rissoto pans, rissotto copper cookware, rissotto copper pan, RISSOTTO PANS, specialty copper cookware, what is risoto, what is risotto, what is rissoto, what is rissotto, what is rissotto? Cookware,Global Kitchen|Cookware,Specialty Cookware N/A Copper Risotto Pan

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