Dec 28 2008

Easy Chef’s Slow Cooking – Closeout

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Easy Chef's Slow Cooking - Closeout

A large collection of recipes for slow-cookers This Cooking Software CD-ROM is the perfect companion for your slow cooker. It has over 6,000 Slow Cooking Recipes and Crock Pot Recipes. In addition to great slow cooker recipes, this recipe software also has great tips on how to make the most of your slow cooker. Many consider slow cookers and their many slow cooker recipes to be one of today’s best time-saving cooking inventions. One can prepare the ingredients, mix them into the slow cooker, and just leave the pot on all day while they are off to work or other activities associated with today’s busy lifestyle. When you get home, your favorite slow cooker recipe will be cooked and ready to serve. Cook healthy – how to eat healthy and creatively with your slow cooker.  Loaded with everything you need to know or want to know about slow cooking.  With this great recipe software, your slow cooker will become one of your most used kitchen appliances! Over 6,000 Slow Cooking Recipes and Crock Pot Recipes Add and edit your own recipes! Use your slow cooker to create memorable main dishes, party drinks, appetizers, desserts and more. This Slow Cookin’ recipe software CD has tons of bonus information, too! Learn how to convert stovetop recipes to slow cooker recipes in a flash. Browse great tips and ideas to help you make the most of your slow cooker. Get answers to frequently asked questions about slow cooking, as well as little known facts about the benefits of Slow Cooking. There is a complete section on handling and cooking foods safely, and useful slow cooking time guides. Lightning-fast search engine makes finding what you’re looking for quick and easy.   Windows 98, Me, 2000, XP CD-ROM drive  

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