Dec 16 2008

Fresh Sashimi Grade Albacore Fillets (Shiro Maguro)/lb

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Fresh Sashimi Grade Albacore Fillets (Shiro Maguro)/lb

Albacore ( Thunnus alunga ) is a member of the tuna family and is known as shiro maguro or _white tuna_ in Japan (on the east coast white tuna usually refers to escolar). Albacore normally reach weights of 10 to 25 pounds per whole fish. They are found in cooler waters throughout the Pacific Ocean and are typically caught from May to November by hook and line. Unlike other tunas, albacore has white meat and has a milder flavor. Our fresh and live seafood products are as fresh as you can get because we purchase directly from reputable fishermen in California and Baja California who take great pride in providing the highest quality seafood. The seafood is caught and immediately iced or brought to our live tanks until you order. We package it with care, keep it cold in insulated boxes and ship it overnight with FedEx so that it reaches your door fresher than the vast majority of most supermarkets and restaurants.

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