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Greek Food Tv? Saganaki Meze Greek recipe

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This is the Greek Food Channel Well-known Greek food expert and award-winning author DIANE KOCHILAS and photographer VASSILIS STENOS own and operate the THE GLORIOUS GREEK KITCHEN COOKING SCHOOL and DV FOOD ARTS CONSULTING. We run cooking classes and organize culinary tours in Greece for recreational and professional cooks. We produce specialty books and other food-and-wine-related literature for a wide variety of clients and independently for the tourist and other markets. Diane consults on Greek cuisine for restaurants, retail outlets and producers of fine Greek foods. Vassilis Stenos offers an extensive archive of food and travel photographs of Greece. Name: Diane Kochilas Well-known Greek food expert, consultant, chef, and author Diane Kochilas has written 12 books on Greek and Mediterranean cuisine. She is the consulting chef at Pylos, one of New York’s top-rated Greek restaurants. Diane divides her time between Athens, Ikaria, and New York. In Athens, where she’s lived for the last 15 years, she is the weekly food columnist and restaurant critic for Ta Nea, the country’s largest newspaper. Diane writes frequently for the US food press and appears regularly on American television. Her books: The Food and Wine of Greece, The Greek Vegetarian, The Glorious Foods of Greece, Meze, Against the Grain (good carbs), Mediterranean Grilling, Mastiha Cuisine. Forthcoming: The Northern Greek Wine Roads Cookbook and Aegean Cuisine. Greek Food and lots of Greek feta!

Saganaki dishes take their name from the pan in which they are made. A sagani is a two-handled round pan that is made in many different materials. In the market, look for a small paella pan, small cast iron skillet, or even an oval au gratin dish.

Serve this as an appetizer, as an hors d’oeuvre, or as part of a meal made up of a varied selection of mezethes. The key to success with this dish is to get the oil hot (before it starts to smoke) before frying.

Saganaki (Greek ????????)(meaning flaming cheese, sometimes translated as fried cheese) is a salty and aromatic cheese-based Greek appetizer of fried or grilled cheese.

The cheese used is usually Kefalograviera, Kasseri, Kefalotyri, or sheep milk Feta cheese. Regional variations include the use of Formaella cheese in Arachova and Halloumi cheese in Cyprus.

Related saganaki recipes include shrimp saganaki (Greek ??????? ????????) and mussels saganaki (Greek ????? ????????), which are typically Feta-based and include a spicy tomato sauce.

In some United States and Canadian restaurants, after being fried, it is flambĂ©ed at the table (typically with a shout of “opa!”) and the flames then extinguished with a squeeze of fresh lemon juice. This practice reportedly originated in the 1960s at The Parthenon restaurant in Chicago’s Greektown

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