Aug 14 2008

Infinitely Mashed

This isn’t a good day for food and me. I went to the dentist this morning and my mouth isn’t in a food kinda mood. That doesn’t mean my heart is where my mouth is.  I’m whipping up some mashed potatoes and that made me think. Who else mashes potatoes?

I mean, American mashed potatoes are a fairly ordinary thing. Boiled potatoes, milk, butter, salt, pepper. The variations are mostly just how smooth you like them, how much butter, margarine or butter, milk or soy milk, peeled or unpeeled. A simple proposition, yes?

The Irish call it Champ. They heat the milk and add chopped scallions/green onions to the milk as it heats. Proceed as usual, adding the green onions with the hot milk as you mash. The directions I’ve seen say serve in a soup plate with a hollow in the middle to put more butter. Take a forkful, dip and eat. Works for me. They do the same thing with shredded cabbage instead of onion, but I can’t remember what they call it, besides delicious.

I got curious, so I did a web search for mashed potatoes, images and recipes. Much to my amazement, I found this on YouTube:

Paul McCartney making mashed potatoes
Paul McCartney making mashed potatoes

Who would have figured? On the other hand, he did help raise a whole passle of kids. There’s also one with Paul making tea, but I’ll save that for another day. (Like tomorrow morning when I make tea) I did discover something unexpected. It’s even more comforting to eat mashed potatoes while you’re watching Sir Paul make some for himself. And being an onion lover, I’ll have to try his recipe.

Okay, I’m in the non-peeled, butter, soy milk, pepper, no salt contingent. So, tell me, how do YOU mash your spuds? Butter, margarine? Cow milk, soy milk, other? Peeled, unpeeled? Smooth as wallpaper paste (like my old roommate) or smooth but chunky and full of texture?

I’ll be eating mashed potatoes for a few days, so send me your opinions!

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