Dec 28 2008

KitchenAid KEMC378KSS Architect Series Oven Microwave Combination – Stainless Steel

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KitchenAid KEMC378KSS Architect Series Oven Microwave Combination - Stainless Steel
Featuring the sophisticated look of stainless steel, this Architect Series combination oven offers you the standard benefits of our high-performance oven, as well as the versatility and speed of a microwave oven with the appearance of a built-in wall oven. Our exclusive Crispwave technology feature allows you to cook juicy hamburgers, crispy pizza – even bacon and eggs – in less time and with less mess. A drop-down microwave oven door complements the efficiency of a microwave with the look of a built-in oven. The self-cleaning system with soil level/time selection automatically cleans your oven, and eliminates scrubbing and fumes. Plus, an automatic door lock secures the door during the self-clean cycle. The CleanBake Hidden Element provides more evenly balanced heat distribution by warming both the bottom & the sides of the oven cavity, resulting in better baking performance. Because it is ‘hidden’ from view by the porcelain oven cavity, the bake element is protected from spills & drips that fall to the bottom of the oven. The True Convection cooking system with a Third Hidden Element (T.H.E.) utilizes both a rear element and a rear fan to circulate preheated air around the oven cavity for faster and more even cooking results than conventional cooking. Our EasyConvect Conversion System offers you professional, even results every time. You simply enter your conventional cooking time and temperature, and the oven makes the precise conversion. Maxi and econo thermal broiler settings feature two broiling elements so that you can choose the right setting for your needs. The inner (econo) element can be used for smaller portions, while the inner and outer (maxi) feature is used when broiling an entire pan of food. Both are adjustable temperatures. The Sabbath mode feature makes it possible to use the range on the Sabbath and other religious holidays without having to turn it on. Tones, lights and error messages are over-ridden, and a set temperature can be maintained for extended periods of time. The temperature probe in our Thermal-Convection oven makes it easy to get perfect roasts every time. Simply set the internal oven or food temperature, based on your recipe or preference, and insert the electronic temperature probe in the roast. The probe will signal the oven to turn off automatically once the desired temperature is reached.

Product Specification :

Capacity :5.0 cubic feet
Size :family size
Microwave Type :built-in
Oven Feature :Convection Oven

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