Dec 29 2008

Malaysian Chicken curry and roti jala

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A taste of Malaysia

Malaysia, a truly Asian nation, boasts a trio of cuisines: Malay, Indian and Chinese.

Madame Zawiah Ahmad, wife of Abdullah Mohd Salleh, the Malaysian representative or de facto ambassador in Taiwan, introduces here two typical Malaysian recipes, chicken curry and roti jala.

Madame Zawiah in her cooking demonstration uses curry powder imported from her homeland. The recipe calls for mixing chopped onions, garlic, ginger, curry powder, cooking oil, coconut milk, diced potatoes, lemon slice, as well as salt and sugar with the chicken. Her curry smells so good, whetting everyone’s appetite.

Meanwhile the roti jala requires a cup mold with five holes at the bottom. Madame Zawiah pours the flour mix through a sieve and then on a pan, creating a fishnet or lace pattern. Roti refers to bread and jala means pattern. The mix hardens on the pan. It is scraped and folded like a spring roll.

Chicken curry and roti jala are eaten together for breakfast or at tea time.

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