Jun 24 2008

Seaworld Queensland 24th June 2008

Well we have come to the Gold Coast in Queensland to take a look as a family on the options for a family of 5 to visit theme parks. First we gave the world famous Seaworld a try.

Firstly you need to get in and the best deal we found for 1 day was the car hire company Thrifty gave us a booklet of vouchers which contained a buy 1 adult get 1 adult free. This effectively saved us $67.00 this is a thing that yoi really need to research. We chose a single day per park but there are many offers available.

The food there is mainly the usual fast food selections, but if you look a bit you can find some healthy choices. There are 2 sit down cafe’s but the day we went they both had private functions and where closed.

Our choices consisted of the usual suspects so we went in with that in mind and tried to look at what any family with ravines teenagers would be coerced into buying.

You guessed it we ended up with chicken bites chips and a drink and hamburgers and a drink with he obligatory upgrade for $2.00. This actually proved to be a good choice but I will go into that later.

The food we opted was 1 serve of a chicken tenders combo ($9.50 plus $2.00 upgrade to large $11.50) the next was a couple of burger meals 1 chicken and 1 beef burger ($11.95 plus $2.00 upgrade to large $13.95 each) now this is a captured market so you do not really have a choice.

The Food:

The chicken tenders are the usual deep fried specials, the chips I must admit are crispy, the beef burger was great but the chicken burger was that minced (chicken nugget) muck. The kids where happy to eat the beef burgers but we actually took the chicken burger back and exchanged it for a beef one. The chicken tenders where actually made from pieces of chicken.


Service was poor even though the school holiday’s had not started, the environment around the serving areas was relatively clean and there was plenty of seating.


Well the food there was not too bad (apart form the chicken burger) the pricing is quite high and the options for healthy eating consisted of a Queensland salad and fruit. I think you would be best to take a packed lunch, and perhaps buy your drinks there as you can go back to your car as much as you like. Otherwise the park was fun and the kids are all a sleep now and its only 10 PM

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