Jun 11 2009

Gordon Ramsay olive branch refused for ratings

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Well it appears that Gordon Ramsay has attempted to apologise to Tracy Grimshaw on last Saturday (6/06/2009) but she refused to accept his calls, he apparently also made attempts on Sunday (7/06/2009) as well and was refused. It strikes me as odd that if Tracy Grimshaw was in fact so upset that she and the producers of ACA dedicated so many resources and airtime to this story that she would have wanted to speak with Gordon Ramsay if he was wishing to make amends.

This makes our earlier story stronger that for some weird ratings mania Channel Nine and the ACA team especially attacked one of the networks top rating shows personality with what is now looking like a mostly incorrect statement that Gordon Ramsay slandered Tracy Grimshaw by calling her a “Lesbian” in front of a crowd of the faithful at the Melbourne Food Festival. It has been proven by multiple witnesses and other media that this is not the case, yes Gordon Ramsay did make fun of Tracy Grimshaw which obviously was a low blow but the primary driving and sensational reason for Tracy Grimshaw’s vigorous and aggressive attack on Gordon Ramsay was that she stated he called her a “Lesbian” and in her own words she is most certainly not.

A great deal of Channel Nines airtime has now been wasted and also it appears the news staff also have reported upon this as a victory now that Gordon Ramsay has apologised. But why are we so obsessed with Gordon’s language, is this not one of the reasons why people flock to see his shows? Gordon is a great chef, but really he is better known for his wordy if not colourful quips and mannerisms. We all seem to watch “Kitchen Nightmares” and flock around the water cooler or at the local coffee shop to chat about the previous night’s episode, we accept the language as it is used in context. Maybe there is a little more language added for effect but if Australia and the world have been upset by this then the show would not work and be off the air. Channel Nine even defended the show after its initial and subsequent seasons, which begs us to wonder why this attack was kept up.

And our Prime Minister Kevin Rudd had to put his 2 cents worth into this as the advocate for all, why? What could possibly be his political drive here, perhaps he is now going to censor what Australian want to view or even say. I myself do not swear (as much as possible) in earshot of females, but Gordon Ramsay is from a country where the dropping of the F – Bomb is not generally offensive, it is a common part of the language.

When this is all reviewed it reminds me of Brendan Behams quotation that in the theatrical or television industry “There is no such thing as bad publicity except your own obituary” and I think history will prove this to be true for both Channel Nines ACA program and Gordon Ramsays’ continuing adventures.

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