Jan 19 2009

New Whole food Nutritional Ipod breakthrough

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What is Chews-4-Health?
Chews-4-Health is a delicious tasting, Doctor formulated, natural chewable dietary supplement derived from the most nutrient rich sources from around the world. We have combined current nutritional science with nature’s finest. Chews-4-Health contains 16 ingredients from land and sea, uniting the antioxidant powers of exotic, life enhancing super fruits with mineral rich Sea Vegetables, along with a powerful antioxidant/vitamin blend combined with healthy select fruit concentrates. Compared to many pills and liquids on the market, Chews-4-Health is more CONVENIENT, AFFORDABLE and more QUICKLY ABSORBED.

How does Chews-4-Health compare to the liquid and pill products on the market?
There is no comparison! Unlike pills you swallow, Chews-4-Health ChewTabs contain no binders, fillers or hard chemical coatings that diminish absorption. Unlike liquid nutritional products, Chews-4-Health uses no artificial coloring, artificial flavoring, no preservatives or chemical stabilizers. Also, some liquid products must be pasteurized in order to kill bacteria and harmful organisms, however, this excessive heat process can also alter and deactivate naturally occurring GOOD nutrients. Liquid products also need to be refrigerated after opening. Chews-4-Health ChewTabs are not pasteurized and contain no preservatives, chemical stabilizers or artificial coloring. Chews-4-Health is CONVIENIENT, OFFERS QUICK ABSORPTION and IS COST EFFECTIVE.

How does Chews-4-Health compare to other multiple vitamins and mineral supplements?
Chews-4-Health contains the very best ingredients from land and sea and offers a tremendous variety of vitamins, naturally occurring minerals, trace minerals, amino acids, anti-oxidants and phyto-nutrients. Why settle for less?

Is Chews-4-Health approved by the FDA?
Government agencies, including the FDA do not approve any dietary supplements. The FDA does however, have manufacturing guidelines pertaining to quality standards and labeling laws. Manufacturing facilities are subject to FDA inspection to regulate and ensure that Guidelines (General Manufacturing Practices- GMPs) are being followed. Chews-4-Health’s manufacturer has earned an “A” rating from the National Nutritional Foods ociation (NNFA) Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) Certification Program. This prestigious certification and GMP standing ures Chews-4-Health Inc.’s commitment to bringing you the highest quality ingredients and the most stringent standards in the industry.

What benefit is there to chewing a supplement vs. swallowing it in pill form?
Before you eat food, you chew it first. There’s a scientific reason for that. Digestion actually begins in the mouth. Your teeth break up food into small particles and your saliva, which contains 3 digestive enzymes, breaks down the proteins, fats and carbohydrates, and this takes place even before you swallow. If you swallow vitamin and minerals in a pill form, you are skipping this vital part of the digestive process and many of these pills never completely absorb in your body. Absorption of the nutrients in Chews-4-Health begins immediately after the first bite.

Is Chews-4-Health recommended for a Vegan or Vegetarian diet?
Yes. Chews-4-Health contains no dairy products or ingredients of animal origin. In addition to a variety of fruits and vegetables from land and sea, Chews-4-Health also contains Vitamin B12. Vegetarians often have low serum B12 levels and since there isn’t an adequate source of vitamin B12 in plant foods, The American Dietetic ociation has stated that vegetarians are at risk of a vitamin B12 deficiency and supplementing their diets with B12 is highly recommended. See http://www.vegansociety.com/html/food…

Are there any scientific studies conducted on the ingredients in Chews-4-Health?
Yes. The ingredients that make up Chews-4-Health were carefully selected BECAUSE of the science that backs them up.

How many Chews-4-Health ChewTabs should I take per day?
The recommended dosage for adults is 2 ChewTabs per day and for children above 4, take 1 ChewTab daily.

What is the difference between Chews-4-Health and a chewable multi-vitamin?
The difference is night and day. Many chewable multi-vitamins are entirely synthetic (man made) and contain no natural sources. Chews-4-Health contains natural super-fruits and sea vegetables combined with an exclusive proprietary antioxidant/vitamin blend and healthy select fruit concentrates.

*Cost comparison based on Xango, Tahitian Noni, Himalayan Goji, SeaHealth Plus, Acai Zone and data taken from GNC nutrition stores. The product and company names are registered trademarks of their respective companies.

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